The coming year

Hello there,

Thank you again for your support of my comic books endeavor. I'm still getting the hang of the social media component of owning my own business so I apologize for the lack of interaction across the board!

Unfortunately, until I'm able to make some sort of living off of this, updates of the comic will still be limited to one page a week. If I push myself too much, I'll get burned out, and that wouldn't be good!

I have several conventions lined up for the 2018 year along the west coast, and am on the waiting list for a few large conventions. Expect to see my work in local comic book shops in the PNW area soon as well!

The goal for 2018 is to scale back on day job hours and have an income from the art. With your help I can make that happen! <3 

Post con update!

Hey there! Thank you so much for your continued support, and thank you new people from Central City Comic Con for checking my site out! It really means a lot and I hope y'all stick around!

I will be taking a short break from conventions in order to focus on Son of Dawn and fleshing out my portfolio. I fully intend to break into full swing with conventions starting spring of 2018.

Productivity +10

I just got a new drafting table and chair! Check out my new studio setup! (Currently still in progress but far more serviceable than what I had been using!)

With this new setup it'll be much easier for me to work longer hours and stay focused, now that my work environment is not cramped, painful and uncomfortable!

I'm moving apartments soon, so I'll create a much better studio layout then! <3 

Thank you so much @ my dad I needed this so badly ;^;